Vincent Dawkins, President and CEO, Enertia SoftwareVincent Dawkins, President and CEO
Businesses worldwide are recovering from the pandemic-induced cessation, calling for a focus on what they do best: look for more opportunities. One major opportunity for the Oil and Gas industry lies in claiming a share in rising demand that was reduced to a bare minimum. To do so, O&G organizations are focusing on two major areas: organizational structure and digitalization.

M&A’s are almost a common affair where organizations are either buying assets or selling them to SMBs. On the other hand, digitalization has brought about opportunities for partner collaboration and opened doors to new options. An example here would be software vendors tasked with maintaining software and securing information. Companies like Enertia Software have leveraged their industry and IT expertise to furnish enterprise software designed specifically for the energy sector.

The Texas-based company focuses on the Upstream side of the business and offers customized cloud-based ERP. “We deliver software to our O&G clients, the organization and the individuals, where they want to - desktop, laptop or even mobile,” says Vincent Dawkins, President, and CEO, Enertia Software. The customized ERP’s flexibility allows it to adapt to the client’s business structure, offering ease of use to the clients who don’t have to adapt. The ERP solutions cover the entire gamut of the upstream Oil and Gas industry and provide information to help them make the right and smart decisions in their day-to-day activities. “Enetria is a robust software that can take care of the majority of the problems, and our implementation process allows clients up and running the software fairly quickly, and with a lot of accuracy,” adds Dawkins.

Once the solution is configured, employees can perform entire upstream tasks, like division orders and lease maintenance, monitoring hydrocarbon production, interest billing, revenue accounting, even pushing out assets to the midstream or divesting it. Enertia encompasses field data capturing technology that pumpers can utilize to collect information at each stop of their routes. They can use a tablet or an iPhone to feed the data to the system, even when they are not inside the network coverage. The information will be synced once they are connected to the world again. In addition, the system gives the ability to create custom reports and custom views and look at the available data all the way down to the mobile device level.

  • Enetria is a Robust Software that can Take Care of the Majority of the Problems, and our Implementation Process Allows Clients up and Running the Software Fairly Quickly and with Much Accuracy

For implementation, the company follows its process where the experts sit down with the client and spend hours and days with them understanding their business and processes down to the T. Based on the information, the entire system is configured, and by repetitive tweaking and tuning, Enertia is live. One such implementation is exemplary here, where Enertia Software performed its first fully virtual implementation during the pandemic. “We went through that same process: asking lots of questions about the business, the inputs and the outputs that the client needed,” says Dawkins. “Entire conversion of data and training was done remotely on virtual meeting tools.” The entire implementation was delivered accurately to the client within the timeline.

With much emphasis on the client’s experience, the company approaches all its client interactions with the thought that theirs is a long-term partnership. The help-the-client-at any-cost mentality is ingrained in Enertia’s work environment. For a company like Enertia, client feedback is a strong motivator to serve the client better.