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Top 10 Oil and Gas Solutions Companies - 2022

The world population is growing, as is the need for energy, especially cleaner energy. This indicates the need for oil and gas corporations to reinvent themselves to deliver green energy with reduced emissions. Although a difficult challenge, many organizations are already rising to the occasion with the help of technology.

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are the most significant technologies enabling the oil and gas sector to become smarter and more sophisticated. Big data analytics, cloud technologies, predictive maintenance, and factory execution systems allow critical data management and analysis capabilities that dramatically boost overall operational efficiency. Additionally, AI has the capacity to enable robotic applications on oil rigs and refine the oil well imaging procedures.

Moreover, oil and gas firms are also exploring blockchain solutions that provide visibility and transparency throughout the oil and gas value chain. Furthermore, augmented and virtual reality technologies that increase worker safety and enable remote operations and virtual training are also entering the energy market.

With a deep understanding of industry demands, Energy Tech Review has compiled a list of oil and gas solution providers improving their clients’ growth prospects with a range of innovative technological capabilities and services. We hope that this edition will assist you in accessing new and innovative technologies that provide safe and efficient services throughout the oil and gas sector.

In this edition, we present Energy Tech Review’s “Top 10 Oil & Gas Solutions Providers - 2022.”

    Top Oil and Gas Solution companies

  • Enertia Software is designed specifically for the energy sector. The company offers a fully integrated, enterprise-grade ERP solution for supporting clients in their accounting and financial endeavors. It further supports them with field data capture and intelligent reporting capabilities.

  • Founded in 2021, Hi-Tech Consulting provides technology-based drilling and data-based optimization solutions that the vast majority of oil and gas industries lacked for decades. Hi-Tech Consulting was conceptualized to bridge this gap by helping oil and gas companies capitalize on the digital revolution with customized data solutions. The company’s solutions are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, process automation, and data visualization. In addition, they have built a proprietary AI engine to process massive datasets and deal with the outliners accordingly, which is much more effective than using off-the-shelf products.

  • MEYER is always commited to poviding the highest quality equipment to domestic & international markets and ensuring quality efficient manufacturing, reliable service, and smart rentals

  • Singularity Systems makes Intelligent Automation and AI practical, scalable, and cost-effective with their solution, SinguAI.

  • Energy Water Solutions

    Energy Water Solutions

    Energy Water Solutions are innovators in fast, turnkey and ESG-leading wastewater evaporation technology for the oil & gas, landfill and chemical industries, as well as custom solutions for other industrial applications

  • Fendahl Ctrm Technology

    Fendahl Ctrm Technology

    Fendahl’s Fusion CTRM is the next generation of CTRM software, a multicommodity intelligent system that supports the requirement of Front Office, Operations and Back Office

  • Halliburton


    Halliburton operates in more than 70 countries and is responsible for most of the world’s hydraulic fracturing operations

  • P2 Energy Solutions

    P2 Energy Solutions

    P2 Energy Solutions provides appropriate solutions for Geospatial Data, Land Management, Production Operations, Oil & Gas and Mining Production

  • Pason Systems

    Pason Systems

    Pason Systems provide end-to-end data a management solutions for fast, flexible, and easy & secured access to client’s critical operations information anytime, anywhere

  • Tensor Drilling Technologies

    Tensor Drilling Technologies

    Tensor is a recognizable brand among probe-based MWD tools and has an excellent proven track record of equipment quality, class-leading accuracy, reliability, and customer support

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